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Charles Sciascia

Charles Sciascia Charles Sciascia
5511 Upper Mountain Road
Lockport, NY  14094

(716) 316-5045

Mission Statement

My goal is to utilize technology and the power of the internet; to connect and share ideas that I believe will help improve the quality of life for other people.


Education & courses

  • Web
  • Design
  • Video
  • General
  • Dreamweaver and WordPress: Core ConceptsDreamweaver and WordPress: Core Concepts
    Learned how to combine the utility of WordPress and the power of Dreamweaver to transition existing websites to the WordPress platform.
    May 2010 (12h 7m)
  • Dreamweaver CS4 with CSS: Essential TrainingDreamweaver CS4 with CSS: Essential Training
    Learned fundamental CSS concepts while exploring the process of creating site-wide style sheets, from concept to deployment.
    August 2009 (12h 7m)
  • Dreamweaver CS4: Dynamic DevelopmentDreamweaver CS4: Dynamic Development
    Covered the installation of Apache, MySQL, and PHP for Mac OS X and Windows.
    December 2008 (5h 25m)
  • Dreamweaver CS4: Essential TrainingDreamweaver CS4: Essential Training
    Covered everything from site structure to the value of standards-compliant XHTML and CSS.
    October 2008 (10h 15m)
  • Dreamweaver CS4: Getting StartedDreamweaver CS4: Getting Started
    How to generate standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, as well as rock-solid PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, and AJAX.
    September 2008 (42m 13s)
  • Fireworks CS4: Rapid PrototypingFireworks CS4: Rapid Prototyping
    Demonstrates scheduling and expected output for good prototyping, from wireframing to storyboarding to creating multi-page mockups for design feedback.
    August 2009 (4h 17m)
  • Photoshop CS4: Power ShortcutsPhotoshop CS4: Power Shortcuts
    Filled with hundreds of useful tips to booth your productivity and creativity, including the top 20 tips all users should know.
    June 2009 (6h 21m)
  • Photoshop CS4: For the WebPhotoshop CS4: For the Web
    How to optimize graphics and photographs so they download quickly in a web browser.
    February 2009 (6h 53m)
  • Photoshop CS4: One-on-One FundamentalsPhotoshop CS4: One-on-One Fundamentals
    Deke examines the essential capabilities of the application, from correcting color to retouching portraits.
    December 2008 (14h 24m)
  • Fireworks CS4: Essential TrainingFireworks CS4: Essential Training
    Jim Babbage demonstrates how to navigate and customize the workspace.
    October 2008 (7h 18m)
  • Photoshop CS4: Essential TrainingPhotoshop CS4: Essential Training
    Teaches a broad spectrum of core skills that are common to many creative fields.
    October 2008 (7h 55m)
  • Fireworks CS4: New FeaturesFireworks CS4: New Features
    Jim Babbage guides users through the most important changes in Adobe's Fireworks CS4.
    September 2008 (57m 20s)
  • Photoshop CS4: New FeaturesPhotoshop CS4: New Features
    Deke McClelland covers the latest developments in Adobe's powerhouse image editor, Photoshop CS4.
    September 2008 (1h 38m)
  • Fireworks CS4: Getting StartedFireworks CS4: Getting Started
    How to customize the interface and use layout tools like Smart Guides and the 9-Slice Scaling tool.
    September 2008 (55m 53s)
  • Photoshop CS4: Getting StartedPhotoshop CS4: Getting Started
    Deke McClelland introduces the new features in CS4 while emphasizing core concepts.
    September 2008 (2h 4m)
  • Premiere Pro CS4: Beyond the BasicsPremiere Pro CS4: Beyond the Basics
    Explains how to take video editing from simple nuts and bolts to an art form, by harnessing the power of this professional video-editing application.
    December 2009 (5h 38m)
  • Encore CS4: Essential TrainingEncore CS4: Essential Training
    Teaches how to import and organize assets; assemble them into a timeline; and provide navigation via menus, buttons, and links.
    October 2008 (6h 18m)
  • Premiere Pro CS4: Essential TrainingPremiere Pro CS4: Essential Training
    Provides a step-by-step, hands-on demonstration of a typical video editing workflow, from import to export.
    October 2008 (3h 16m)
  • Premiere Pro CS4: New FeaturesPremiere Pro CS4: New Features
    How to streamline assets with metadata, integrate projects with other Adobe applications, and create new sequence and project settings.
    October 2008 (32m 29s)
  • Encore CS4: Getting StartedEncore CS4: Getting Started
    Demonstrates how to add asset links to a new project and turn a layered image into a functional menu editable in Photoshop.
    September 2008 (22m 29s)
  • Premiere Pro CS4: Getting StartedPremiere Pro CS4: Getting Started
    Demonstrates how to capture and organize video footage, create and add to a sequence, and perform basic editing and trimming tasks.
    September 2008 (1h 1m)
  • Amherst Central High ScoolAmherst Central High School
    Advanced Regents Diploma
    June 2005

experience & Technical Skills

Domain Name Branding

Domain names are often seen in analogy to real estate in that domain names are foundations on which a website (like a house or commercial building) can be built and the highest "quality" domain names, like sought-after real estate, tend to carry significant value, usually due to their online brand-building potential, use in advertising, search engine optimization, and other criteria.

  • Consulted with clients to establish an online identity with a strategic domain name that best represents their business brand, and maximizes their internet investment.
  • Purchased and sold premium domain names.
  • View: Domain Name Portfolio
Professional Website Design

Making a good first impression is everything. In today's economy, your web presence can be the first thing a potential customer sees. A Professionally designed website means that it is built from the ground up and meets the requirements of the latest internet standards and protocol.

While it is possible to save money using pre-made templates, a serious business is almost always better off with a look that is both unique and tailored to the requirements of your business. Your website is the first impression many will have of your business, and it’s one of the ways you will be critiqued.

  • Developed professional websites, custom tailored to the clients business needs and requirements of the latest internet standards and protocol.
  • View: Website Design Portfolio
Website Registration & Hosting

Website Hosting is the process of storing website pages on a computer (a Web server) and making them available to the world via the Internet. Some of the more popular extensions include: ".com", ".net", ".org", ".info", ".biz" and many others.

  • Setup hosting for static and dynamic websites that require database support and application development platforms (e.g. PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, and ASP.NET).
Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine positioning is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages, through the use of search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and contextual marketing.

  • Developed successful search engine marketing campaigns that connected businesses with customers searching for their products or services online.
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service. Additionally, it serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.

  • Setup, designed and branded businesses on popular social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Created Facebook advertisement campaigns for business fan pages.
Social Network Plugin Integration

Social network plugins allows users to bookmark and share website content with other internet users and popular social networking websites at the click of a button! This helps businesses virally spread content, and drive social traffic through social media websites.

  • Integrated social network plugins on websites using popular social media platforms like: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Video Production & Editing

With the magnitude of camera phones and affordable video cameras, many videos are being shot by amateurs on these devices. The availability of inexpensive video editing and publishing tools allows video shot on mobile phones to be edited and distributed virally, by email or website, and between phones by Bluetooth or MMS.

  • Produced and edited professionally branded videos that targeted customers searching for relevant content on YouTube and popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • View: Video Production Portfolio
Custom PayPal Shopping Cart

PayPal is a global e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through electronic invoices, websites, and custom designed shopping carts.

If you are a small business with less than 50 products or are selling products online or the firest time, a custom designed PayPal shopping cart is your best option. Since PayPal handles all payment information, you don't have to worry about meeting compliance standards or storing your customers' sensitive financial information.

  • Developed online shopping carts that utilized PayPal checkout.
Website Monetization

Website monetization is the process of converting web traffic into revenue. This is a form of targeted advertising for advertisements appearing on websites or other media, such as content displayed in mobile browsers. Whenever an advertisement is clicked, the publisher of the website is paid a percentage of the commision.




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